Danielle Enberg

Danielle has to make several trips down to the University of Minnesota Medical Center to have her treatments performed. With this have come some unexpected expenses. Please help Danielle meet these expenses and make a donation.

About Danielle

When Danielle was 1 year old doctors diagnosed her with stage 5 Wims Tumor Cancer, and she had both of her kidneys removed. When she was 4 years old, she had been cancer free for over a year, and her father donated one of his kidneys to be transplanted into her. Now Danielle is 22 years old, and her kidney is showing signs of failure.

Danielle is a full time college student at St. Cloud Technical and Community College. There she is double majoring in Child Adult Care and Education, and Para-Professionalism.

Danielle was Miss Wright County International in 2011 and 2012.

To learn more see her website at http://misswrightcounty2011.weebly.com

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After her December (2011) labs were drawn, the doctors noticed that her creatinine was too high. On January 27, 2012 she had a kidney biopsy done, and found that her kidney tested positive for donor specific anti-bodies, and was starting the process of rejection. This means that she will be needing another transplant in the future. The doctors immediately started her on apheresis and IVIG to try and get rid of the anti-bodies that are rejecting her kidney. She had to have a port placed into her chest in order to have the treatments done. She had to have five treatments done every other day for 10 days. On February 23, 2012 she had another biopsy done, and found out that her kidney had stopped rejecting for now. The anti-bodies will eventually come back, but these treatments will help prolong the need of a new transplant in the short term.

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Watch Danielle's YouTube Video

Watch Danielle's "Making a Difference" YouTube life story compilation set to the music of Johh Kurkosky's "In the Silence." at http:\\www.lutheran-faith.org\DEKFCD.htm.

John Kurkosky's "In the Silence" music video with Danielle's story on YouTube  

Purchase Danielle's Kidney Fund CD

John Kurkosky has recorded and produced the "Making a Difference" CD. This is a beautiful CD with a variety of music. All proceeds go directly to the Danielle Enberg Kidney Fund. Find details at http:\\www.lutheran-faith.org\DEKFCD.htm.



Pray for the Enberg family.  There have been multiple times when the doctors thought that Danielle would not live to see another birthday.  The good Lord and prayers have seen her through.

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